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Silica Sealing Materials

Silica Sealing Materials

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Silica sealing material, a kind of monolithic refractory materials with a characteristic of plasticity, is mainly made from silica refractory granule and fine powder, and mixed with a proper amount of adhesive in a certain ratio.


Silica sealing material is mainly applied in hot repairing, sealing and thermal insulating of crown, side wall and other parts of glass furnace.

Application method of silica sealing materials:

Its water addition quantity is usually controlled at 10-12%. Silica sealing material should be used within 24 hours after being stirred, or it will loss efficacy. When the interstice is larger than 50mm, please take into account and add filling material with large granular aggregate.


  • Good plasticity and convenient construction
  • High bonding strength and strong corrosion resistance
  • High refractoriness
  • Good performance of refractoriness under load

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Product Name Sillca Sealing Materials
Chemical Composition(%) SiO2≥ 90.0
Al2O3≤ 5.0
Fe2O3≤ 0.7
CaO≤ 5.0
Refractoriness Under Load(T0.6oC)≥ 1400
Crushing Strength
After drying 110oC ≥ 3
After sintering
1400oC*3h ≥
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 1.0
Particles Size(mm) 0∽0.7
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