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Refractories form the bedrock of some of the world’s most intense areas of heavy industry, retaining their form and inherent strengths under severe operating conditions. Today’s refractory components are built to last in some of the toughest thermal processes on earth.

AGRM has curated a range of refractory solutions for key metallurgical and high-temperature processes. With decades of practical expertise leveraging high-performance refractories throughout manufacturing chains, AGRM is one of the world’s leading supplier of expert, value-added refractory solutions.

AGRM Refractory Solutions: Foundries, Waste Conversion & More
We supply comprehensive blast furnace lining solutions covering every aspect of design, from the throat down to the hearth, to help futureproof your iron making operations. Our applications expertise stems into non-ferrous markets too, with hot facing refractory solutions suitable for continuous shaft furnaces. From high-performance foundry monolithics to carefully-formed tiling systems in waste to energy converters, we offer finely-tailored refractories to suit a range of challenging application areas.

Collaboration & Customization

Deep knowledge of all the applications we serve, our passionate people and engineering services, as these enable us to understand your needs and work closely with your organization to deliver customized products and solutions.



Research & development team stationed at our leading-edge R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia; specializes in ceramic & refractory technology and constantly interacts with customers & industry experts while using the most progressive and multidisciplinary technologies.

Performance Refractories at a Glance

A strong international group AGRM Performance Refractories leads the industry in the design, development and manufacturing of the highest performing solutions for extreme operating conditions. We strive to deliver value through our global technical expertise and the long-term partnerships we form with our customers.
Our employees are committed to delivering the best solutions and services to meet the unique material and engineering needs of our customers. Ceramic & refractory solutions for broad industrial applications provide an end-to-end solution for your business.
Our performance ceramic (advanced / fine ceramic) solutions cover every industrial kiln & furnaces, specialty ceramics, burner solution for industrial heating, wear resistance applications: mining, bulk handling in iron & steel making, and many more, wine & beer filtration, industrial filtration, armor, metrology, labware, and many more demanding applications which rely on high performance ceramic material characteristics.
Our performance refractory solutions are designed and manufactured to overcome operational challenges in metallurgical applications. Refractory bricks, tiles, castable and mortars for every equipment are used for ironmaking, steelmaking, primary aluminium, copper, zinc galvanizing, foundry, carbon black, petrochemicals, and also Waste-to-Energy (WtE).

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Related Equipment

Oxygen combustion Device

Bubbling Technology and Application

Since its launch, bubbling technology has become a mature technology after years of continuous improvement of software and hardware and continuous search by industry participants. This technology has been widely recognized in improving glass melt convection, reducing energy consumption, and improving glass quality. Oxygen-fired kilns do not rule out the operation of bubbling technology. We have adopted bubbling technology in many kilns that have been put into production, combined with the characteristics of oxyfuel combustion kilns, and achieved good results. When bubbling technology is used in embedded kilns, we can provide corresponding equipment and adjustments, as well as test adjustments and process measures additions to other oxy-combustion kiln bubbling equipment.

The Third Generation Screw Batch Charger

The third-generation screw (screw) batching machine developed by our company adopts wear-resistant products, the supply of raw materials is uniform and stable, and the core can be replaced in the front-end high-temperature area, which has excellent performance and facilitates maintenance and repair.

Fully Sealed Crank Arm

Fully sealed crank arm feeder (feeder raw material input machine) Main Specifications: Motor: 1-1.5KW, 960 rpm Boneng motor (divided into 3 types). Reducer: reduction ratio 1:40; Inverter: Mitsubishi inverter; Equipment capacity: 20-120T/D (divided into three types). Working principle:
By increasing or decreasing the feeding frequency, the input amount of raw materials can be increased or decreased. By adjusting the arm mechanism, the amount of raw material input and the thickness of the raw material input layer can also be controlled. During normal production, the feeder (raw material input machine) is interlocked with the liquid level gauge, the liquid level gauge feeds back the liquid level signal to the PLC control system, and the system sends instructions to the feeder. The material level is controlled by the acceleration or deceleration of the feeder speed.

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