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Zirconium Castable

Zirconium Castable


Item Code:A4303

Zirconium castable, which is mainly made from aggregate of zirconium mullite brick slag, fine powder and unique liquid silica sol adhesive, is a multicomponent system to the clients.


Zirconium castable is able to be applied in integral casting glass furnace crown structure, flame space, tuckstons, etc. In addition, it can be used as reinforcing components of side wall and other parts which directly contact with glass melt.


Zirconium castable owns high compressive strength and thermal shock resistance, and good fluidity as well as plasticity during construction.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Performance Item Indicators
Chemical composition after calcination(%) SiO2 16.0-19.0
ZrO2 18.0-23.0
Al2O3 57.0-63.0
CaO <0.4
Fe2O3 <0.4
TiO2 <0.4
 Physical properties
AP(%) 14-17
BD(g/cm3) 3.04-3.13
CCS (Mpa) 816℃             1400℃ 34.5-41.1          61.1-71.0
Applied limit temperature℃ 1750
Linear change on reheating(%) -0.1 ~ 0.7
Water content(%) 0
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