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Mullite Series

Mullite Series

Fused Cast

Item Code: A1501

Product Introduction

Fused cast mullite series is made of high grade mullite grog. It is cast and moulded by electrode arc furnace with high temperature.


Fused cast mullite series is supposed to be mainly used in positions required good wear-resistance and high temperature resistance, such as sliding rail blocks of pusher-type reheating furnace and steel tapping spout of step-type heating furnace and garbage incinerator lining.


Fused cast mullite series has high refractoriness to more than 1790℃ and good abilities of Refractoriness under load, cold crushing strength and thermal shock resistance.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Items Index Remark
Al2O3 % 73.5  
ZrO2 5  
SiO2 18.5  
Na2O 1  
Fe2O3+TiO2+CaO 1.5  
Physical Indicators
Items Unit Index Remark
True Specific Gravity g/cm3 3.54  
Cold Crushing Strength MPa 350  
Thermal Expansion at 1150℃ % 0.8  
Thermal Conductivity at 500-1500℃ W/m.K 4.6  
Porosity % 8  
Bulk Density PT g/cm3 3  
Bulk Density WS g/cm3 3.4  
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