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Corundum Castable

Corundum Castable

Fire Clay

Item Code:A4302

Corundum castable is mainly made from corundum aggregate, corundum powder and some adhesives. Compared with high alumina and mullite refractory castables, corundum castable has higher mechanical strength and resistance of erosion and abrasion, but a little lower thermal shock resistance.


Corundum castable is mainly applied in lining materials in boiler, blast furnace, hot blast furnace, heating furnace, ceramic furnace and other kinds of furnace. Glass furnace is mainly used in high temperature environment, such as flame space, brick hook, small furnace structure, end wall and so on.


The castable has good abrasive resistance and mechanical strength, little pollution to glass products and good plasticity during construction.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Performance Item Indicators
Chemical composition after calcination(%) SiO2 9.5-14.0
Al2O3 85.0-95.0
Alkalis <0.4
CaO <0.4
Fe2O3 <0.4
TiO2 <0.4
 Physical properties
AP(%) 14-17
BD(g/cm3) 2.8-2.93
CCS (Mpa) 816℃   1400℃ 46.5-57.4                  96.1-113.0
Applied limit temperature℃ 1790
Linear change on reheating(%) -0.1 ~ 0.1
Water content(%) 0
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