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Zirconium Refractory Mortar

Zirconium Refractory Mortar

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Item Code:A4103

Composition of zirconium refractory mortar
Zirconium refractory mortar is made from zirconium refractory material binder and admixture. It is commonly delivered as dry bulk and mixed with water when used.


Zirconium refractory mortar is mainly applied in masonry of zircon products and sintered zirconium materials. Refractory mortar shall be selected and matched, according to different masonry sites and masonry materials.


  1. Good plasticity and convenient construction.
  2. High bonding strength, strong corrosion resistance.
  3. High refractoriness
  4. Good slag invasion resistance.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

IndicatorsAl2O3ZrO2Fe2O3RefractorinessCold state flexural bond strengthBonding timeParticle size %
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