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Quartz Castable

Quartz Castable


Item Code:A4305

Quartz castable is cement-free and high-pure fused cast quartz castable material which can be seemed as a multicomponent system including unique liquid silica sol adhesive and providing to the clients.


Quartz castable is able to be applied in the structure of integral casting crown and hot repair of silica crown and side wall.


Quartz castable owns characteristics of high compressive strength and good thermal shock resistance, and good liquidity in the construction process.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Performance Item Indicators
Chemical composition after calcination(%) SiO2 99.0-99.7
Al2O3 <0.1
Alkalis <0.1
CaO <0.1
Fe2O3 <0.1
TiO2 <0.1
 Physical properties
AP(%) 14-17
BD(g/cm3) 1.8-1.89
CCS (Mpa) 816℃             1400℃ 27.5-41.4                  24.1-37.9
Applied limit temperature℃ 1650
Linear change on reheating(%) -0.1  ~ 0.0
Water content(%) 0

Note: The above data are obtained under ideal laboratory conditions. The actual results in application may be varied according to different tests and installation methods.

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