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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Insulation Material

Item Code:A320

Ceramic fiber paper is made from a kind of ceramic fiber, which is specially applied to paper manufacturing and owns with low content of slag balls. The producing process of ceramic fiber paper with fine quality includes beating, slagging, blending, long net forming, vacuum dewatering, drying, shearing, rolling and other working procedures. The adhesive will be completely burnt in the process of use. And the adhesive our ceramic fiber paper used has flame retardant composition.


Thermal insulation short circuit
Thermal insulation sealing gasket
Expansion joint
Isolated (sinter proof) material
Slicing on a household thermal devices
Thermal insulation materials in vehicles (muffler and exhaust system, thermal insulation case)
Sealing gasket in molten metal
Fire protection

Product specification and packaging:
The width of standard roll of ceramic fiber paper includes 610mm, 1000mm, 1200mm. Below is a table of their thickness and length. In addition, we are able to supply customized service for requirements with special width and length.

Ceramic fiber paper classification:
Ceramic fiber paper can be divided into two types: 1260℃ and 1400℃, based on different working temperature.

According to different working functions, ceramic fiber paper involves type “B”, type“HB”and type“H”.

Type “B”, a kind of tender, whippy and lightweight fiber paper, is made of standard or high-alumina type and produced by beating, slagging, blending and processed by fourdrinier. It has low thermal conductivity and good working strength. Due to its uniform structure, it owns stable and homogeneous thermal conductivity as well as smooth surface in all directions. Type “B”is mainly applied to high temperature insulation materials.

The fiber raw material and producing process of type “HB”ceramic fiber paper is the same as type “B”. However, the kinds and required quantities of adhesive being applied are both different. “HB” ceramic fiber paper is specially added with flame retardants and flue gas inhibitors, which will not generate organic combustion and flue gas even when being used at low temperatures. “HB” ceramic fiber paper has uniform texture and flat surface. However, its softness, elasticity, tensile strength and other indicators are slightly lower than that of “B” ceramic fiber paper. It is usually used as an isolation and insulation material.

“H” ceramic fiber paper owns high rigidity. Its cotton pulp is made from standard ceramic fiber, inert filler, inorganic adhesives, additives and other raw materials, and produced by long net mechanism to get rigid fiber paper. Its outstanding performance makes“H”ceramic fiber paper become an ideal product instead of asbestos board.“H”ceramic fiber paper is easy to be processed and has excellent flexibility as well as high temperature compression strength. It is really an ideal material for sealing and gasket.


Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, thermal shock resistance, excellent flexibility, tear resistance, asbestos-free, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation and sound insulation performance, excellent mechanical processing performance, tough texture, etc.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Product type 1260 1400
Product code GLGW-236 GLGW-436
Heating linear change(%) 1000℃×24h≤-3 1200℃×24h≤-3
Organic content(%) ≤10 ≤8
Tensile Strength(≥MPa) 0.3
Theoretical Bulk Density(kg/m3) 160-220
Moisture content(%) ≤1
Regular dimension(mm) 10000/20000/30000/40000 ×610/1000/1200×0.5~5
Packaging method  Plastic bags inside and cartons outside
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