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Nano Insulation Blanket

Nano Insulation Blanket

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Nano insulation blanket is made of ceramic fiber and lightweight inorganic nano SiO2 which owns a very low thermal conductivity. Its bottom material is aluminum foil which has a relevant high reflectivity. It was adopted with monolayer composite structure and formed by continuous coating, composite pressing as well as baking process. Its thermal conductivity is lower than that of static air and its thermal insulation performance is around 4-6 times better than that of traditional insulation materials. Therefore, it is supposed to be a type of thermal insulation material which owns the best performance so far.


Nano insulation blanket is specially applied to thermal insulation in all kinds of high temperature industrial pipes, tanks and other cambered surface equipment.

  • Prefabricated insulation pipe
  • Tanks, containers and other insulation equipment
  • Petroleum exploitation steam pipeline
  • Pipeline of thermal power plant, petrochemical plant and chemical plant
  • all kinds of high and low temperature furnaces, mobile rescue capsule
  • Body thermal insulation of high-speed trains, cars, metros, etc
  • Thermal insulation in construction field


Compared with traditional thermal insulation material, nano insulation blanket has an extremely low thermal conductivity which can significantly save energy. For example, when the thickness of a pipe (with 150mm diameter and 600℃ temperature) is only one third of the traditional mineral cotton, 1400 degree of electricity can be annually saved per meter of the pipe, and 1.4 million degree of electricity can be annually saved for the pipe with a total length of 1000 meters.

Characteristics and performance:

  • High temperature resistance: long-term working temperature is around 400-1000 degree.
  • Thermal conductivity: 2-10 times lower than normal insulation materials.
  • Durability: it can be applied as the permanent insulation layer, its service life is more than 5-10 years.
  • Safety and environmental protection: pure infinite material combination, good thermal stability and no harmful substances released.
  • Economic analysis: the price is 50% lower than that of overseas similar products. The energy saving is 10-30% better than that of normal materials.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Physical Indicators
Packaging Roll
Thickness 3mm, 6mm, 10mm
Width 1500mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.020w/m·k(25℃ hour)
0.028w/m·k(200℃ hour)
0.035w/m·k(300℃ hour)
0.044w/m·k(400℃ hour)
0.069w/m·k(500℃ hour)
0.095w/m·k(650℃ hour)
Density 210kg/m3
Hydrophobicity Overall hydrophobic
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