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Dust Removal System

Dust Removal System

Exhaust system

The dust content in the exhaust gas will be greatly reduced due to the absence of regular reversing action and the concentration of water vapor in the flame space after combustion as high as 50% compared with the traditional air-assisted glass furnace.For most enterprises and regions, the emission can be directly up to standard, but for some glass products, due to the particularity of the formula, the exhaust gas still needs to be dusted before reaching the standard.

Due to the particularity of all-oxygen combustion kiln, its exhaust gas presents the characteristics of high temperature and high water vapor concentration, which also requires us to take into consideration when making plans and selecting equipment, and adopt different plans according to different kilns.

Thedust removal systems commonly used in all-oxygen combustion are:bughouse, EP, spraydust removal.The selection of the system should be determined according to the specific situation.

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