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Masonry for Glass Furnace

Masonry for Glass Furnace

Furnace Construction

Since the structure and shape of the oxy-fuel combustion kiln are different from the traditional air-fired kiln, there are special requirements for the kiln’s masonry, baking kiln, heat preservation, and heat repair. The characteristics of the kiln, strict compliance with the construction specifications can achieve the expected results and ensure the safety of the kiln. In recent years, we have accumulated rich experience through the actual combat of more than thirty kiln, and can carry out the general contract for the construction of all common oxy-fuel furnaces. Or provide technical guidance and service for its process. We can also provide masonry, baking kiln, adjustment, and countermeasure services for oxy-fuel combustion furnaces designed by other companies to ensure your satisfaction.

Masonry of refractory materials
Because there is no heat storage chamber, the total amount of refractory kiln of the oxy-fuel combustion kiln is much smaller than that of traditional air-fired kiln.30-60%. However, due to the large amount of fused materials used, the construction surface is mainly dry-laying, which requires higher requirements for refractory pre-arrangement and processing accuracy. In addition, heat preservation and expansion treatment also require completely different methods. These technologies are unique to oxy-fuel combustion furnaces and require special personnel and construction plans to ensure it.
Thecrown of the kiln designed by our company is all fused cast refractory materials. The materials used are generally AZS, α-β, β、ER1851andER1195. Because the size of the brick material is large and there are no ash seams, special tires must be used and supplemented with strict masonry technology to meet the needs of kiln safety.
Fabrication and installation of steel structures
Due to the special structure of the oxy-fuel combustion kiln, its steel structure is also very different from the traditional air-assisted kiln, especially the steel structure with vertical columns and vertical flues on both sides has distinctive characteristics, and the strength of its steel structure is more Large, more demanding production.


Heat up
The differences in the structure of the oxy-full combustion kiln require more detailed specifications when baking the kiln, especially the adjustment of the steel structure and the formulation of the heating curve.
Heat preservation and expansion joint treatment have special requirements in material selection and implementation.
This requires the construction personnel to strictly follow the construction conditions given by the design unit to ensure that the kiln meets the requirements of normal production.


Our team can provide customers with corresponding engineering services, and can also provide safe and reliable implementation solutions according to customer needs to ensure that the kiln is safe and productive.

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