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AZS Tamping Material

AZS Tamping Material

Tamping Material

Item Code:A4201

Composition of AZS tamping material

AZS tamping material is made from oxidizing fused AZS particle and fine powder with a certain ratio, and added with proper amount of adhesive. It is half dried and formed as monolithic refractory material by tamping with high strength.

In the process of use, a certain concentration of phosphoric acid or aluminum dihydrogen phosphate can be adopted as the additive. In some conditions, it is also possible to add with some coagulants.


AZS tamping material is mainly applied in sealing the bottom and other parts of glass furnace.


  1. High resistance of high temperature and compressive strength.
  2. Small thermal expansion and shrinkage
  3. Strong corrosion resistance of glass solution
  4. Excellent thermal shock resistance
  5. Low thermal conductivity at high temperature
  6. Stable chemical property, and it can not react with molten metal
  7. Weak tendency of bubble precipitation

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Item AZS 30V AZS 30V M AZS 60V
AL2O3%≥ 45 45 18
ZrO2%≥ 30 30 64
Bulk Density g/cm³≥ 3.1 3.1 3.4
Aggregate Particle Size mm 0-5 0-2 0-5
Compressive Strength Mpa≥ cold state 14 14 12
thermal state 55 55 40
Linear change % 1400℃×3h ±0.1
Refractoriness ℃ ≥ 1790 1790 1800
Adhesive Phosphoric acid or Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate
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