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Fully Closed Crank Feeder

Fully Closed Crank Feeder


Main technical indicators of the feeder:

Motor: 1– 1.5kw, 960RPM BO NENG motor (divided into three types);

Reduction gear: reduction ratio 1:40;

Frequency converter: Mitsubishi frequency converter;

Equipment capacity: 20-120t /D (divided into three types);

Working principle: the feeder can increase or decrease the feeding amount by increasing or decreasing the frequency of the feeder. It is also possible to adjust the tumbler mechanism to realize the feeding amount and control the thickness of the material layer. During normal production, the feeder is linked to the level gauge, which feeds the level signal back to the PLC control system, which gives instructions to the feeder to control the level by speeding up or slowing down the speed of the feeder.

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