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Specialised Milling

AGRM has been at the forefront of milling for years, producing a large variety of products for happy customers all around the globe. Our in-house, custom equipment delivers reliable results in large volumes to cater to an endless array of precise specifications for the following materials

Red Iron Oxide
Iron Pyrite
Manganese Dioxide
High Carbon Chrome
Copper Oxide
Yellow Ochre
Ferro Silicon
Cobalt Oxide
Nickel Oxide

AGRM has ball mills, roller mills, attritor mills, cone crushers, roller crushers, and other granulating equipment specifically designed to accommodate the entire hardness and fineness spectrums. We process material 98% below 45 micron with ease. Contact us to discuss your needs and to find out how our specialised milling services can improve your bottom line.
Our Milling Equipment
We use specialised machines for toll processing, depending on the mineral you need and the intended application. Each mineral has unique qualities that require a certain approach and each application requires different specifications of the minerals. Our equipment is designed to achieve your exact specifications in the most efficient and accurate way. Some of our most frequently-used machines include ball mills, hammer mills, Raymond mills, cone crushers, roller crushers, attritor mills, and jaw crushers.

Specialised Drying

Toll Drying, Raw Material Drying, Sterilisation

Many applications of milled minerals and other elements are sensitive to moisture and require drying of the materials before use. Those intended for high-heat environments can create unwanted steam or a change in temperature if too much moisture is present. Moisture can also inhibit flow in some applications or cause mud to form during milling. We’re also able to sterilise your materials for use in applications that are sensitive to contaminants and bacteria.

African Pegmatite has custom-designed machinery in our processing facilities for the drying and sterilisation of raw materials. Our specialised rotary drying plants are able to reduce the moisture content of your industrial materials down to below 1%, enabling you to safely and effectively use your existing materials for moisture-sensitive applications without the risk of mudding, steam, and costly temperature fluctuations.

  • Get moisture content down to less than 1%
  • Remove contaminants that can inhibit manufacturing and other applications
  • Remove bacteria and pathogens
  • Process your own materials or those ordered from African Pegmatite
  • Able to process small and bulk amounts of any material
  • Specialised Granulating 

The vast majority of the applications and uses of minerals and raw materials require processing of the materials before they can be effectively used. Applications like water filtration, manufacturing, and foundry have different requirements for their media and minerals. African Pegmatite offers specialised granulating services that prepare your materials to your exact specifications. Contact African Pegmatite if you need help determining what specifications are best for your purposes.

Our granulating facilities feature a collection of top-of-the-line granulating equipment that produces accurate and precise results. The granulating machines we use include:

  • Cone crushers
  • Roller crushers
  • Shaker decks
  • Sweco Screens
  • Vibrating screens
  • Stag mills
  • Jaw Crushers
  • And many others

These machines can handle minerals of any hardness and deliver any required granule or particle size specification. We are able to process both small amounts and bulk amounts to perfect precision and provide custom bagging sizes to suit your operation.

Our cutting-edge granulating equipment can successfully process virtually any mineral or raw material you need. We regularly handle chrome, manganese, anthracite, garnet, silica, glass, and many others. Each machine performs a unique function and is suited for its own particular type of materials and granulation. An African Pegmatite specialist can tell you which type of granulation is best for your materials and applications.

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