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The hot repair project of glass kiln refers to the repair project for the purpose of extending the life of the furnace and improving the efficiency. The corresponding kiln is maintained under cold conditions as a cold repair project. Under normal circumstances, most of them are emergency treatment in the late stage of the kiln, which requires higher technical capabilities, knowledge and experience of the construction party.

With the development of science and technology, the design life of modern glass kiln is getting longer and longer. However, due to many factors such as the quality of refractory materials and errors in process operations, local burnout of the kiln has been affected, which affects the normal operation of the kiln. In severe cases, cold production must be stopped and repaired, which has a greater impact on the production of glass enterprises. It is very important to use the correct hot repair methods and materials to thermally repair the kiln, repair the burned part of the kiln, and restore the kiln to normal operation at the least cost.

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