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Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber

Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber

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Polycrystalline mullite fiber is a kind of polycrystalline alumina fiber with the content of Al2O3 from 72% to 75%.


Polycrystalline mullite fiber is widely used in lining insulation of high temperature furnace and other thermal equipment in metallurgical, mechanical, ceramic, electronic, petrochemical, aerospace and other industries. The product is helpful to achieve purposes of saving energy, increasing production and product quality, reducing temperature difference inside the furnace and consumption of spare parts, prolonging furnace life-span and improving working environment.

Polycrystalline mullite fiber products can be used as thermal insulation materials for a long time in high temperature thermal equipment under 1600℃, such as silicon carbide electric furnace, molybdenum silicide electric furnace, different kinds of steel heating furnace, mechanical forging furnace and so forth. It is able to significantly improve productivity, product quality and thermal efficiency of equipment, and greatly enhance the effect of energy saving.

Moreover, polycrystalline mullite fiber products can be commonly applied in thermal insulation of various high temperature industrial furnaces, ceramic furnace, mechanical and metallurgical heating furnace, inner lining of thermal treatment furnace and other industrial furnace, high temperature fire damper, kiln door, kiln car, expansion joints and other thermal insulation materials, and glass furnace insulation.

According to the application scope, the product can be divided as follows:

  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber wool
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber block
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber board
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber products with special shapes
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber felt
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber blanket
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber module
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber paper
  • Polycrystalline mullite fiber heating module


The main crystal phase of polycrystalline mullite fiber is a single mullite phase which is considered as one of polycrystalline alumina fibers with the best thermal stability while being applied at high temperatures. As a new ultra-lightweight and high-temperature refractory fiber both in domestic and overseas, polycrystalline mullite fiber belongs to one of ceramic fiber in the whole Al2O3-SiO2 system.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

ItemPerformance Indicators
SiO2 18~27%
Refractoriness ℃Oxidizing atmosphere1600℃
Reducing atmosphere 1400℃
Crystal Phase:3Al2O3·2SiO2δ—Al2O3
Reheating Shrinkage Rate< 1%
 Thermal Conductivity0.10~0.45 w/m·k
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