Refractory Solutions

Refractory Products & Materials

Used in internal structure of glass industrial tank, etc.

Applied in the repair of mullite matrix bricks in flame space…

Sintered Corundum is mainly used in glass furnaces

Mainly used for muffles furnace in glass industry.

Good wear-resistance and high temperature resistance

This series is suitable to be used in lining or insulating layer

Made from flint clay clinker, is produced by resistance furn…

Nano Insulation Board

A new type of insulation material, has been researched ..

AGRM has curated a range of refractory solutions for key metallurgical and high-temperature processes. With decades of practical expertise leveraging high-performance refractories throughout manufacturing chains, AGRM is one of the world’s leading supplier of expert, value-added refractory solutions.
AGRM Refractory Solutions: Foundries, Waste Conversion & More We supply comprehensive blast furnace lining solutions covering every aspect of design, from the throat down to the hearth, to help futureproof your iron making operations. Our applications expertise stems into non-ferrous markets too, with hot facing refractory solutions suitable for continuous shaft furnaces. From high-performance foundry monolithics to carefully-formed tiling systems in waste to energy converters, we offer finely-tailored refractories to suit a range of challenging application areas.
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